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Since ancient years, foreigners were interested to visit India because of its vast culture, heritage, and many more. Today, a lot of businessmen, newly wed couples, backpackers visit India that is such a beautiful and God gifted country and that’s why it has been one of the tourism options for every tourist. Beautiful beaches of Goa and Kerala, snow covered Himalayan ranges of Kashmir, deserts of Rajasthan, magnificent landscapes, adventures of mountain, and deep forests are sufficient to attract tourists around the world. India is also promoting its Tourism industry with great efforts by providing excellent accommodation facilities, memorable hotel stays, world class transportation facilities. On India tour, tourists will definitely find enjoyment and pleasure for guarantee whatever state they will visit first. Every state has different food, clothing, religion to offer to the visitors. Kashmir will give you the view of snow covered mountains, beautiful lakes, adventurous sports, and chilled days and nights. Rajasthan will give you an experience of hot deserts, camel rides, folk dance, beautiful turbans, colorful dresses, Forts, royal culture, and many more. In Goa, tourists will enjoy exotic beaches, churches, drinks etc. Uttranchal is known for its beautiful hill stations and Uttar Pradesh for one of the seven wonders of the the world - Taj Mahal. Kerala, a beautiful state of India which is known worldwide for its tourism spots for the tourists. It is situated in the western ghats of India. Many number of tourists across the globe visit the state yearly.Couples for honeymoon, culture lovers, and natural environment lovers visit the state occasionally. Kerala is also known as the Kashmir of South because of its beauty and attraction points. It is also considered as “One of the ten paradises in the World” by a renowned travel magazine of the world. These all are the tourists attractions in India. To avoid any hassel during the visit to India, tourists can take services from tour and travel companies. Nowadays, tour and travel companies are operating offline and online both and providing best services due to increased competition in the market.Tourists can opt from the various packages tour and travel companies are offering according to their interests and budgets. Different types of packages for India are historic tour, cultural tour, honeymoon tour, pilgrimage tour, beach tour, wildlife tour, heritage tour, and many more. The travel agents can help the tourists in selecting the right package and it will be beneficial if visitors will book their packages before the visit to avoid any last minute disappointment during the tour. Always choose an experienced travel agent for services and guidance during the visit. Before the trip, always compare the prices of the airline tickets with different airlines and agents. Some companies offer low fares to attract more customers. Book your tickets in advance to get best deals from the market. Incredible India gives an experience of natural beauty, varied culture, variety of food, and love and warmth of the local people. These experiences increase the number of visitors coming to India for tour. India is a very big country with seventh largest geographical area in the world. It is also called as nation of diversity, variety, and unity. The accommodation facilities are word class with 5 star, 4 star type of hotels in all of the locations. The staff of the hotel is experienced and understand the requirements of the tourists all around the world. India is also promoting Tourism in India to attract more number of local and foreign tourists across the world. A few tips will be helpful while your visit to Incredible India. Most of the local tourists travel on weekends so avoid to visit on weekends. Book your tickets in advance to get confirmed and cheap tickets. Check weather of India during your visit. India is generally a hot country from March to August month. Holiday Season in India starts from October and ends in January so tickets are very expensive and tough to get in this time period. Do some background reading of the location or state you are planning to visit during your India visit. Hire some experienced guide if you are not comfortable in English. Different locations are connected with each other with world class travel facilities so get an idea about routes and travel mediums from the agents and the local people. The food of India is spicy in most of the states so if you are not comfortable in eating spicy food, inform them in advance. Bring your medicines from your place as manufacturers are different here. So, if you are a avid traveler, love to explore new things, new locations, their culture, lifestyle – Welcome to Incredible India, a paradise on the earth. The visit will give you a lifetime experience which will be memorable for the lifelong.


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