Welcome to Nepal

The little Himalayan kingdom is fairy tale land with an enviable weather, rich heritage and a landscape to offer everything for everyone from all walks of life. Serious high altitude mountain climbing, long circuit treks, Pleasant hikes, soft adventure, wildlife to enriching cultural journies – Nepal is a delight for anyone looking for a short break to extended months on end breaks! Being a Hindu state with almost 90% population Hindu, Nepal offers un-parallel insight into Hindu mythology. While Indians have found short cuts to everything in life, Nepal has managed to retain its originality in most aspects of life. Sitting on the left side of your small plane to see the majestic Mt. Everest leaves one with long lasting impressions just as wandering in the fabled Durbar Square or Patan area lined with its endless array of caffes and curio shops. It is the perfect end to your subcontinent vacation with quite a few international air carriers flying into Kathmandu now and city boasting of some fine hotels.

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