Welcome to Bhutan

Welcome to the "Land of the Thunder Dragon", where ancient culture is cherished and natural landscapes are untouched. While most societies and cultures have allowed new influences and 'changing times' to filter everyday life, Bhutan can amaze you with its originality. can amaze you with its originality. Sheltered from the rest of the world high up in a nook of the Himalayas, the Kingdom of Bhutan holds many mysteries to travelers, revealing its unique identity slowly but surely.

The unassuming, direct in your face and yet polite Bhutanese can floor anyone with their humility and simple way of life. Perhaps it is the only peaceful country which does not want 'too much' tourism and imposes a government imposed surcharge to travel to the country and where the official policy is Gross National Happiness before Gross National Product.It is then no surprise that one may not see a lot of development as compared to the rest of the world, but happy faces, helping hands, amazing heritage, great local customs and old beliefs mesmerize you no end.This is a country where forest-filled valleys give way to mountain peaks that soar so high they could be mistaken as a roof to the world and where the rice is red and chillies are a main ingredient, not just a seasoning. Vast mountainsides are crowned with imposing fortress monasteries, where colourful prayer flags can be seen to flutter in the wind and where pilgrims flock to be part of vibrant festivals. The undulating terrain also makes Bhutan a wonderful destination for soft-adventures, including trekking, mountain biking and fishing. While naturally majestic, much of Bhutan’s charm owes itself to a population whose pride, Buddhist faith and values rooted in tradition have combined to create a national character unlike anywhere else in the world. Who ever goes there comes back with a phrase – " there is something in the air there"……need we say more

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