International Footprint



OKSANA: Oksana is the face of Orange DMC in Russia. Having travelled the world she is one of the happy few who have converted their passion into a career. With over fifteen years of industry experience Oksana is an authority on Russian outbound travel to Indian sub-continent. Having dealt with giant multinational corporations, she also has firsthand exposure to destination marketing, public relations, contracting, product development and sales. While her family remains her number one choice, she also enjoys cycling, skiing and experimenting with new cuisines as her hobby.


Doris: Doris is our voice in France, Belgium and Switzerland. Originally from Switzerland, she has travelled and lived in different countries before putting her suitcases down in France. Her experience of 25 years as a product manager and developer makes her the perfect tour operator, who specializes in tailor-made tours across Asia.


Luca: Travelling is definitely his passion and Luca is enthusiastic to guide Italian travellers to discover the Indian sub-continent. With over fourteen years of experience in project management he has dealt with different sectors and managed varied projects. He is a wine sommelier and likes to share his knowledge of the same with family and friends, but mostly enjoys rowing, kayaking, skiing and hiking.