Incredible India Tours

Many tourists define it as unique, some say beautiful, few define it as a land of spiritualism so definition of “Incredible India” depends on the tourist’s experience and interest. But nowhere in the world, any country can meet the varied culture, tradition and climatic conditions as in India. India is emerging as a hub for tourists around the world. Number of tourists visiting India is increasing every year. The country is also famous for destination weddings and hospitality it offers to the visitors.

Benefits of visiting India:

  • Varied culture in every state leads to different food, costumes, languages which is the biggest attraction for tourists who are interested in background knowledge of the country.
  • Climatic conditions of India also differ from place to place with North and top of India considered as the coldest part, South with humid and hot weather, East and West with moderate temperatures.
  • Monuments and architecture of the buildings is one among the list of the tourists who want to see in India. Royal background and the palaces are still in the country which give tourists a feeling about the royal life these Kings and Emperors used to have.

Destinations to be visited in India:

In the North of India, holiday makers can enjoy the snow covered mountains, beautiful valleys of snow, Kashmir which is called as the Paradise on Earth. The tourists can relish the local food, humble and loving people, sweet language, and beautiful clothes. They can enjoy the dense forests, waterfalls, and heavy snowfall in this area.
One of the seven wonders of world is also situated in India –The Taj Mahal which is situated in the city of Agra. This destination visit should not be missed in the Incredible India Tour. The next state near to Uttar Pradesh is Rajasthan - The land of sand, beautiful color, and camels. This is also the state of ancients Kings and their royal palaces. Jaipur, the “Pink City” will give a look to the beautiful Turbans, art and craft of the local people, spicy food, and folk dance. The tourists can find forts and palaces in abundance in this state.
The Southern part of India where Arabian sea is on the left, Indian Ocean in the South, and West covered with beautiful Bay of Bengal. The holiday destination includes life beautifully crafted temples, wildlife park and sanctuaries, famous back waters, and the beautiful resorts situated nearby those beaches. Tourists can enjoy beaches in Goa, local drinks, and sea food too.
Most of the travel companies whether offline or online are offering Kerala Tour Packages. These travel packages are designed according to one’s choice and budget. You can even get customized tour packages according to your liking. The Kerala Tour Packages include packages for nature lovers, honeymoon couples, backwater packages, hill station packages, wildlife packages, beach packages, Ayurveda packages, houseboat packages . The local people of the country are still attached to their roots and culture which fascinate the tourists a lot. The ancient way of cooking food is very famous among them. Farming and growing various spices, herbs and grains with old technique also attracts much of the tourists' attention.

Hospitality in Incredible India:

Before selecting any destination for holidays, the first thing we check is the stay arrangement in the area. The hospitality industry of India emerged immensely in couple of years. With the increase of the number of foreigners visiting the country every year, the hotels are offering best accommodation facilities to the visitors. The staff of the hotels is well trained and experienced in taking care of the tourists. Experienced staff who understand foreign languages effectively is also hired by most of the hotels to give tourists a home like feeling.
India follows and treat their guests as God.The warmth and love from the local people of every state will remain a treasure for a lifetime.

Tour and Travel Packages for Incredible India

Most of the tour and travel companies are selling travel packages for Incredible India at affordable prices. A visitor should check all the details like stay details, destinations to be covered, food facilities, any many more before finalizing any package. The travel companies are offering packages by the name of Honeymoon Packages for India, Golden Tour Package for spiritual tour, and many more.
All states and places are mostly connected with best medium of transportation. Luxury buses connecting roads, special tourist train started while keeping the tourists in mind is also a sign how much country is focusing on the development of Tourism industry in India. Most of the cities are also covered by planes to save time of travel. Anyone who is fond of traveling and exploring places should definitely visit Incredible India in the search of peace and mind relaxation in the country.


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